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At the Calgary Women’s Health Collective, we believe in not doing our work in isolation. We stand on the shoulders of many theorists and practitioners. We believe in the ongoing exchange of ideas between practitioners and clients to center us in useful ways of practicing.

We are currently involved in building a Narrative community of therapists in Calgary and are excited about all that becomes possible through collaboration. In this spirit, we have the intention of cultivating and supporting the practice of Narrative Therapy. To create “community,” we offer meetings, supervision, mentorships, workshops and training opportunities to practitioners and budding therapists who are interested in developing their skills in Narrative practice and ideas.

The following opportunities are open to practitioners of diverse disciplines and backgrounds:

Workshop: “3 Days of Re-Imagining With Tom Stone Carlson”

Click the link below to view or print the flyer for this workshop:

Tom Stone_Flyer_2017

Jan 26 & 27, 2017: Insider Witness Practices: Performing Hope & Beauty in Narrative Therapy (Registration 8:15-9:00am, Workshop 9:00-4:00pm)

Insider Witness Practices, developed in partnership with narrative therapy co-founder David Epston, represents a dramatic re-imagination of narrative therapy practice. In this one-session practice, clients become witnesses to a hope-biased portrayal of their lives which is intended to situate the significant events of their lives within rich story lines that serve as a revelation of their moral character as persons.  Clients become both an insider and outsider to their own lived experiences and are afforded the unusual opportunity to experience their own selves as if they were an ‘other.’ As a result, this practice provides a unique context for persons to relate to themselves in entirely new ways that are informed by compassion and respect – with a particular focus on women who have experienced trauma.

Day 1: The first day will introduce participants to the potential of Insider Witnessing Practices through the sharing of stories, videos, transcripts, and an actual performance of a play. This play is based on the experience of a young woman whose life was dramatically transformed through her participation in Insider Witnessing Practices.

Day 2: The second day will focus more on helping participants learn how to enact Insider Witnessing Practices in their own work contexts. This will be primarily accomplished through the use of videos and live interviews to demonstrate and study this unique way of interviewing.

Cost for Jan 26 & 27: ♦ $260 until Oct 31, 2016 ♦ $295 until Jan 6, 2017 ♦ $325 after Jan 6, 2017

Jan 28, 2017: Re-Imagining Narrative Therapy for Couples (Registration 8:15-9:00am, Workshop 9:00-4:00pm)

This intimate application of narrative ideas is a re-imagined approach to couples’ therapy, focussing on:

1. Helping partners gain an appreciation for the shaping effects of their actions on one     another’s stories of self

2. Engaging in intentional relationship practices that nurture and positively shape             one’s partner’s stories of self

Cost for Jan 28: ♦ $145 until Oct 31, 2016 ♦ $165 until Jan 6, 2017 ♦ $185 after Jan 6, 2017

Cost for all 3 days: ♦ $375 until Oct 31, 2016 ♦ $425 until Jan 6, 2017 ♦ $475 after Jan 6, 2017


OPTION A – Please send fees via e-Transfer to Loree.stout@gmail.com (answer to security question will be “narrative”)

OPTION B – Please send a cheque to:

Community Wise Resource Centre

Calgary Women’s Health Collective, Suite 316

223 – 12th Avenue, S.W.

Calgary, AB, T2R 0G9

PLEASE NOTE: Seating is limited to 50 participants only.


Narrative Gatherings

The Calgary Women’s Health Collective hosts a gathering for practitioners that want to support each other in their work and who enjoy the free exchange of ideas. Located at Community Wise Resource Centre, this gathering takes place from fall through spring, on the third Thursday of each month.

Time: 7:00pm

Location: Community Wise Resource Centre, Rm 206 (2nd Floor)

Address: 223 – 12th Ave S.W.

Please feel free to contact us for more information at (403) 265-9590


Women’s Groups

The Calgary Women’s Health Collective is now running groups for women! For more information, please contact Sanni at: (403) 265-9590


Calgary Women’s Health Collective General Information Brochure

Click the link below to view or print out the CWHC’s general information brochure:

CWHC Brochure_ 2016

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