Our Story Now and Then

The Calgary Women’s Health Collective was founded in 1987 out of sheer passion not to leave women alone with their struggles and predicaments in the world. We were intent on centering our place of work upon values of safety, belonging, and dignity for women.

quote3In the words of bell hooks, “we came to theory because we were hurting.” We needed to find an alternative approach to glib advice-giving, theories of dysfunction, and arrogant expert orientations rampant in our field today. Over time, we found this alternative in the practices and ideas of Narrative Therapy.

As practitioners, we are engrossed with the task of crafting and asking “good” questions. Good questions have a dramatic effect: they wake us up and breathe new life into us. In addition, the art and craft of good questions sets us up for an inquiry that engages the insider knowledge of every woman we consult with. We pride ourselves, not in knowing the answers, but knowing how to find things out.

In this spirit, consider: Who holds the story telling rights to the story of your life?

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