What’s Love Got to Do With It?  Re-Imagining Narrative Therapy with David Epston

March 15-16, 2018

John Dutton Theatre – Calgary Public Library – 2nd Floor

Calgary, Alberta




A two day Masterclass in the embodiment of narrative ideas

A rare event, years in its becoming

It is possible that an event can be so beautiful that it can restore a life in an instant.

Transform your work by travelling to the heart and spirit of narrative practice.  Resituate your practice in the realms of beauty, love and art.

Over the course of these 2 days, David Epston and Tom Stone Carlson will take you on a journey to the very heart of Narrative practices. Joined by Sanni Paljakka, Tiffany Saxton and Loree Stout, they will invite you to experience how lives and relationships can be transformed when we place love and beauty at the center of our relationships with others and the questions that we ask.

Hear from David Epston:

What on earth has he been up to in recent years?

What is his vision for the future of Narrative therapy?

What practices and ideas keep David up at night with urgent excitement?

“I have never been more excited about the promise of Narrative therapy than right here, right now.  I believe that the new ideas and practices, invented in the last few years, have the capacity to transform lives and relationships in ways not even I could have envisioned.  And how curious it is to me that some of this new work is happening right here in Calgary.  I couldn’t be happier to let people in on the exciting developments that we are discovering in our work together”  (David Epston, Oct. 2017).

Join us for this Masterclass.  We promise you magic and adventure.




The Hilton Garden Inn (which is less than 2 blocks from the venue) is offering attendees a special rate of $129/nt:

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This Masterclass is Co-Presented by

The Journal of Narrative Family Therapy (JNFT)


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