Narrative Therapy

At the Calgary Women’s Health Collective we practice the philosophy and principles of Narrative Therapy.

quote2Narrative approaches recognize that we make meaning of our lives and identities through narratives, or stories. It is our aim to explore, together with clients, the important stories of their lives.

These collaborative explorations are shaped by the following beliefs:

  • We believe in the right of each woman to define her own experiences in her own words
  • We believe in understanding women’s lives in the context of their relationships and what they have been through
  • We believe in respect for women’s skills and knowledge
  • We believe in the acknowledgment of women’s responses to difficulties (“where there is power, there is protest…”)
  • We believe in the significance of words, those that we tell, and those that are told about us, those that we dream, imagine and wish to tell
  • We believe in conversations that foster hope for change and movement and possibility. We are always curious about who we are becoming.

Through conversations, reflecting and letter-writing practices, we invite our clients to re-author their stories, remember what they cherish, and imagine new possibilities for their future.

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